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The first-hand experience of our pilots and experts is directly incorporated in the product development, ensuring many benefits for the operator and his customers.

Helikopter Shop Swiss Rotor SolutionsSwiss rotor Solutions AG offers only products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. For example, our Cargo Hook is the world’s only product in its category, with a CE type certificate.
Our product overview offers a unique selection of products with attractive and explanatory pictures and movies. The range is constantly updated and expanded with innovative products.

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Our Maximum Pilot View Kit provides unrestricted pilot view to the most important mission sectors for all H125/AS350 helicopters. Factor 10 visibility improvement!

Entwicklung DesignSwiss Rotor Solutions AG aims to improve the efficiency of operators with innovative products. In order to achieve this, we are constantly developing new products that bring the pilot, the crew and the operator a genuine benefit.

In order to grasp the so-called “pain points” as precisely as possible and to develop an ideal solution, our pilots and expert gather first-hand experience which then flows directly into product development. Swiss Rotor Solutions AG works together with various development and design organizations to provide the following offer:

  • Innovative products for the helicopter industry
  • Increasing comfort, ease of use, performance and safety
  • Obtaining the relevant certifications such as STC’s by EASA, FAA, CAA, etc.
  • Solution development for specific and individual customer needs

Examples can be found on our products page.

You have further questions about our products or you are considering a custom development? Speak to us about your needs or problems – We can deliver the ideal solution. Feel free to get in touch and ask us your questions. We are glad to help and advise you competently.

Verkauf SalesSwiss rotor Solutions AG distributes high-quality products for helicopters worldwide. We basically provide the customer with a solution on the basis of an identified problem. These solutions, which we adjust completely to the customers need, can include:

  • our own developments
  • developments of third companies
  • commercial products

Our ultimate goal is to provide each customer with a perfect solution to a specific need.

Do you have questions about our solutions or would you like to place a product request? Feel free to get in touch and ask us your questions. We are glad to help and advise you competently.